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I have very broad interests but in general my work revolves around conservation and animal movement behaviour and specifically the interplay between environmental, physiological and cognitive factors that shape observed patterns of movement in wide ranging and nomadic species. I am a passionate advocate for evidence-based approaches to developing conservation policy. Recent work includes studying the movement ecology and conservation of endangered species including Asian Elephant, Przewalski's Horse and Grey Wolf and mapping networks of illegal wildlife trade and consumption in Myanmar.
Outside of science I am a keen wildlife photographer and have worked for years as a circus/street performer and co-founded a street performance company and circus school in my home country of Ireland.


Movement Ecology

Animal telemetry, movement behaviour of nomadic species on contintental scales


Illegal wildlife trade. Interactions of vulnerable species with natural and man made landscapes. Evidence-based conservation actions.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Using UAVs to monitor  wild populations


2010 - 2015

Centre for Integrative Ecology, Deakin University, Australia


Thesis – Spatial ecology of nomadic waterfowl in arid Australia

2006- 2007

University of Wales, Bangor

MSc,  Ecology

Thesis – The Breeding Raptor Community of Mt. Ochi (Greece), Patterns of Distribution and Habitat Use

Landscape Ecology

"Boom and Bust" dynamics of arid ecosystems


Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland

BSc (hons),  Environmental Science and Technology

Thesis – A Comparison of the Ecological and Physiochemical Conditions of Two Blanket Bogs in Co. Sligo

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