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I am an ecologist specialising in animal movement and spatial ecology. I am primarily a movement ecologist with a very broad range of interests covering many areas of conservation and ecology and I have worked on a range of taxa including plants, fish, invertebrates, mammals and birds in many countries around the world.

I am currently working as a quantitative ecologist at CSIRO Australia and a research associate with the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in the USA.


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As part of an ongoing project to understand and map the illegal wildlife trade within Myanmar, we conducted a review of available literature.

Myanmar sits at a junction between important bioregions and acts as both a source and a conduit for illegal wildlife trade across Asia. Interplays between internal demand for wildmeat and external demands for wildlife products from neighbouring China and Thailand shape the illegal wildlife market in Myanmar. While some information on trade, market locations, and key border crossings exists, this is frequently limited to target species and this information has not been brought together in one place.

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A major challenge for long-distance migratory birds is that they often rely on multiple sites along their migration route. Migratory birds time their movements to synchronize with resource availability en-route and most importantly on their breeding site. The cues these long-distance migrants use to start migration, and how to adjust migration timing to match conditions in a distant breeding site, remain poorly understood, especially in passerine bird species.

Our aim was to study the relationship between spring migration timing and environmental factors at the African pre-departure sites and at a stopover site in four long distance migratory bird species. 

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