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Elephants on YouTube: Field In Focus

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

On our last elephant trip we had a really awesome film crew from Smithsonian along with us. Roshan Patel and his team (Sally and Danny) followed our every move and had me miked up (and wearing the same stinky shirt for the sake of continuity!) for four days or elephant collaring. Rosh worked his magic and turned out three really great little episodes for the Smithsonian's "Field in Focus" series. The three episodes focus on the tracking work in general, human elephant conflict and the elephant poaching crisis. The nature of the filming and language barriers does mean that they can look a bit "white-guy-centric" (one white guy with a massive beard in particular) but we do our best to emphasise the fact that without long running relationships with local partners, none of our work would be possible. There is also a cool little 360 degree video that you can pan around showing the camp elephants getting their bath and giving some background into the human/elephant relationship in Asia.

Check out the videos below and feel free to comment.

Part 1: Tracking Elephants

Part 2: Human Elephant Conflict

Part 3: Elephant Poaching

Mahouts and Their Elephants

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